How to Achieve the Best Outcome in Your Criminal Case

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Consult a family and criminal defense lawyer in Luray, VA

Trying to resolve legal issues on your own can be a mistake. Don’t try to fight your legal battles solo. Turn to The Law Offices of Charles A. Butler, Jr. for a legal counsel focused on family law and criminal defense cases. We can help you with property deeds, wills and trusts, too. You can trust him to work toward a favorable outcome in your case.

Hire a lawyer who’s fully invested in achieving the best possible outcome for you. Call 540-743-9200 now to schedule a consultation with a family or criminal defense lawyer in Luray, Virginia.

Trust Charles A. Butler, Jr. to help you with a variety of legal issues

Mr. Butler has been practicing in many areas of law since 1990. As a criminal defense and family lawyer in Luray, Virginia, you can rely on him to:

  • Help you file for child support or child custody
  • Provide a vigorous criminal defense
  • Help you divorce your spouse amicably
  • Obtain a deed and perform a title search
  • Draft your will or establish a trust

Criminal Law

Work with a resourceful criminal defense lawyer in Luray, VA.

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